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Name T.M.WORKS ,Ltd.
President Hideaki Todoroki
Postal code 401-0301
Adress T.M.WORKS JAPAN Main office (4613-4 Funatsu Fuji-kawaguchikomachi Minamitsuru Yamanashi)(T.M.WORKS JAPAN)
T.M.WORKS JAPAN Office (6913-1 Funatsu Fuji-kawaguchikomachi Minamitsuru Yamanashi)
T.M.WORKS ASIA Office (Flat 5,34/F, Southhorn,Garden, 2 O'brien Rd, Wanchai, HONG KONG.)
TEL +81-555-72-0546(T.M.WORKS JAPAN)
+852.2572.6588(T.M.WORKS ASIA)
FAX +81-555-72-0956(T.M.WORKS JAPAN)
+852.2572.3518(T.M.WORKS ASIA)
Works Electrical equipment division (Development,manufacturing,wholesale & sale of Electrical equipment)
Oils division (Distributing agent of BARDAHL A&L & development,manufacturing,wholesale & sale of original oils)
Articles Electrical equipment division (Ignite REV,Ignite VSD,G-Condactor,Shield Plug Cord,Powered Earth Cable,Super Main Cable,Buttery Stabilizer)
Oils division (BARDAHL Oil Product wholesale,sale & made of BARDAHL Oil Product OEM project,development sale & development & sale of Hyper DG ATF)
e-mail Head Office JAPAN) ASIA HongKong)
Office hours 10:00-18:00
Day off Sunday,national holiday & Saturday

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