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Direct Power Harness for Ignition coils
Direct Power Harness
Direct Power Harness Product number table
Boost up the coil input voltage from 12V to 16V!!
alpha 16 ci
Ignite VSD alpha 16V Special harness set product number table
The power supply to the sparking coil is stabilized, and the power loss is suppressed.
alpha ci
Ignite VSD alpha CI Special harness set product number table
Potential up of an ignition coil !!
Hyper Direct Coil
Hyper Direct Coil Product number table
Proven excellent combustor efficincy by clarifyng 1spak time!
Ignite REV
Ignite REV Product number table
Multiple sparks Unit
Ignite MSI
Ignite MSI Product number table
More powerful for the DLI car!
G-Conductor [G-CON] Product number table
Chiptuinig Module
DME TUNE Type M Product number table
Product number table
More powerful for the DLI car!
Shield Plug Cord Super SPEC
Shield Plug Cord [Super SPEC] Product number table
High quality & super cost performance!
Sports High-tension Cable
Sports High-tension Cable Product number table
Powered Earth Cable Product number table
Accurately controlled the fuel jet mixture ratio.O2EC Muffler Earth  
O2EC Muffler Earth
Decrease the load thatrests upon the buttery & the down of power to the minimum!
It removes static to install during ground and it has effect such a ion (Static Noise Eraser)
Battery Stabilizer
Battery Stabilizer

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