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             MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO X                  BMW

ALL NEW HYPER DIRECT COIL is a new product specifically meant for some advanced imported vehicles where the latest direct ignition system (individual coil on plug) is used.
In normal ignition coil, ignition sparks are generated where the saturation current value is not achievable especially during high RPM, therefore a stable ignition spark cannot be maintained during that high RPM period.
This leads to misfiring on high compression Naturally Aspirated engine or tuned up turbocharged gasoline engine.
Hyper Direct Coil enhances the primary winding efficiency, to ensure stable magnetic field build-up by allowing high current flow to the coil.
Since stable ignition sparks can be obtained from idling to high RPM range, this can prevent and minimize the possibility of misfiring to occur and in the same time improve engine response.
Moreover, acting as a filter effect, unnecessary noise can be eliminated to achieve optimum stable ignition during high RPM.
In additional, improving the combustion efficiency can result in reducing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbon (HC).

HYPER DIRECT COIL is especially ideal for high pressure Direct Injection engine to remove carbon deposit.  
Comparison of primary current waveform of Subaru direct ignition coil with built-in igniter
   Normal coils        HYPER DIRECT COIL
As can be seen in the pictures above, higher current flow is achievable compared to normal coil.
More precise magnetic field collapsed is obtainable.

Comparison of primary current waveform of BMW direct ignition coil without built-in igniter
   Normal coils         HYPER DIRECT COIL
As can be seen in the pictures above, higher primary current is achieved.

For some Hyper Direct Coil, there is also a type where a "R" is attached at the end of the Hyper Direct Coil part number.
This particular product is combines with our patented product Inside Ignite REV.
For some car models such as Nissan, Mazda, Subaru etc., when Inside Ignite REV (sold separately) is installed together with Hyper Direct Coil, you will be able to feel the enhanced torque, especially from low RPM range.
As an option to the Hyper Direct Coil, by installing Ignite VSD alpha 16V, the enhancement will be wider within the RPM range directly from low to high RPM range.
This configuration is suitable not only for normal street specification vehicles but also race specification vehicles.

Retail Price starting from ¥57,000 (excl. tax)


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