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To ensure the air fuel ratio (AFR) to be accurately controlled!!!
O2EC has the effect of assisting the O2 sensor (Lambda/Oxygen Sensor) which is attached to the exhaust manifold to send a more accurate AFR reading that will be then sent to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). By installing the O2EC to the center and rear part (near the muffler) of the exhaust system, the charged positive ions inside the exhaust system can be eliminated and an ideal exhaust efficiency can be achieved.

NOTE : Please DO NOT ever use normal grounding cables as replacement as the exhaust manifold
produces very high temperature. Be sure to use dedicated O2 Earth Cable (O2EC).

Retail Price: ¥3,600 (excl. tax)
*Depending on the usage and condition of the car, there may be occasions where the effect is not
*T.M.WORKS LTD does not guarantee that the exact effect or performance can be achieved.

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