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Functions and Benefits of T.M.WORKS Powered Earth Cable :
Over the time, earth point or grounding cable of engine deteriorates and corrosion on earth points causing high electrical resistance. This has very serious impact especially to Direct Ignition Coil and may cause damage to the ignition coil. Powered Earth Cable (PEC) is insulated with fireproof and heat resistance vinyl coating, and high density anti-corrosion shielding on cable, this is to ensure a near-perfect grounding for engine electrical systems. The highest engine performance awakes.
- Equalizing the potential difference amongst the connected parts.
- Ensures that the signals from sensors and to actuators are properly transceived.
- This result in most optimum engine performance achievable.
- Preventing ignition coil damage. - Restore headlamp brightness.
- Better engine response.
- Better engine start-up.

- When installing Powered Earth Cable to a vehicle which there is a battery voltage regulator module
  installed at the battery ngeative (-ve) terminal, there may be possibility where the
 generator/alternator regulator to malfunction.
 In case such as this, please do not connect it directly to the battery
-ve terminal but connect it to the points where the original earth/ground cable was connected from
  the battery (-ve) terminal to the body (usually there will be a separate location at the battery
  terminal, please check carefully)
- If the battery voltage regulator module is installed originally at the battery positive (+ve)
 terminal, the direct installation to the battery (-ve) terminal will be fine.

Cable Colors
Specific Vehicle Type :
Retail Price : ¥12,000 (excl. tax)
General Vehicle Type :
Retail Price : ¥11,400 (excl. tax)
*For vehicle models that are not listed, please kindly contact us as it is possible to customize the
  Powered Earth Cable for that particular vehicle.

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