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Sports High-tension Cable Product number table
High quality & super-cost performance
  • Up in 260% according to the low super-resistance of 0.6kΩ/1m as for the spark energy.
  • It is excellent in the start,acceleration,stability of idling,improvement of the fuel cost,and power-up etc. compared with a normal cord.
  • Demonstrated the prevention performance of an excellent spark noise by adopting the Variable pitch winding for the ferrite core.
  • It is excellent in the electric strength,heatproof,and tolerance to gasoline in 100% reinforced silicon sheath adoption.
  • Remarkable blue silicon sheath to engine room.
  • It is unparalleled that all parts from the cable to the terminal are made in Japan.

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*It is unusually by the usage condition etc. of the car when the effect cannot be experienced.

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