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For motorcycle

JP PAT.3516650 US PAT.
More powerful for the DLI car!
In the DLI car that doesn't use the plug cord,the ignition spark is a weak tendency by the limit of the wearing small coil.Only wearing the super SPEC,it is UP in tens of times as for the spark of the ignition of the DLI car and able to demonstrate the engine performance full.

Power Check Data (DC2 INTEGRA)

The series champion of Super-endurance series N+ class acquired 4 years in a row.
It is attested to be a match of the best to DME ROM Tuning by BMWs tuner of Germany,KELLENERS Co.,LTD.
The series champion of 2003 BMW is CUP acquired.
The series champion of all-Japan Gymkhana championship in 2000/2001/2002/2003/2004 acquired.
It is the wearing results of 98% in all-Japan Gymkhana championship SA1 class.
Comparison with spark tester
spark photo
spark photo
*It is unusually by the usage condition etc. of the car when the effect cannot be experienced.

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